Materials Business


Provide total solutions from development to after-sales care for materials,
equipment and services necessary for the steel industry.

We provide total solutions, including stable supply of refractories developed and manufactured by our joint venture in China to steel companies and after-sales service. We handle a wide range of refractories from high quality, low-cost shaped refractories to monolithic refractories. In the ceramics business, we provide integrated services from design and manufacturing to installation and maintenance as an engineering partner.
With global demand for steel products expected to continue to increase, the addition of forged rolls manufactured by our group’s Japan Advanced Roll Co., our new product lineup will support manufacturing sites as a comprehensive material provider.

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    Refractory Products

    We deal in refractories, which are indispensable for the production of steel, the heart of social infrastructure.  
    Our joint venture in China, Jinan Ludong Refractory Co., Ltd. manufactures Magnesia-Carbon bricks and supplies various grades of bricks to steelmakers for their converters, ladles, and secondary refining facilities.    
    Our products include basic bricks, alumina bricks,、and various shaped refractories and monolithic refractories.
    We continue to support Japanese manufacturing sites by providing total services for these refractories, from raw material supply to design, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service.

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    materialsMagnesia-Carbon bricks
    materialsAlumina silica refractories
    materialsAgalmatolite brick
    materialsPrecast block
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    Wear-resistant ceramics

    CERA-FIX is a new structural welding method that has dramatically improved heat and wear resistance without exposing the metallic part of the ceramic outer surface.
    As a comprehensive ceramics engineering partner, we offer an integrated service from design and construction to maintenance according to customer requirements.

    Prospective Customers

    Facilities engaged in pneumatic transportation of powder and fluid, transportation of slurry and raw materials, etc. in steel mills, coal power plants, cement plants, and various plants and factories.


    – Design and manufacture of wear-, corrosion- and heat-resistant materials
    – On-site diagnosis, countermeasures, design, and construction
    – Maintenance (diagnosis by specialized measuring instruments)

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    Forged rolls for rolling

    In 2023, we welcomed Japan Advanced Roll Co.,Ltd. (JAR) to our group. JAR is a specialized manufacturer engaged in the design, development, manufacture, sales, and maintenance of diverse types of forged rolls for rolling and other applications.
    As a top player in forged rolls with strengths in high quality and technology, JAR has an extensive business base with customers not only in Japan but also overseas, mainly in Asia and Oceania.
    With global demand for steel products expected to continue to increase, the two companies will mutually utilize our sales channels and technologies to supply high value-added forged rolls domestically and internationally.

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    materialsBackup rolls for rolling
    materialsRolls for cluster type & Sendzimir mills
    materialsWork rolls for electrical steel sheet rolling
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    Cutting Tools

    The company produces cutting tools, including edge-interchangeable drills and gear cutting tools made in China, for customers in Japan and overseas.
    Their quality and performance are equal to or better than those of leading domestic and overseas manufacturers. The edge-interchangeable drills are ready for immediate delivery by holding stock in Japan to meet customers’ delivery deadlines.
    Both products are competitively priced and contribute to cost reduction and productivity improvement.

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    materialsEdge-interchangeable drill TMLHigh-end modelStandard model
    materialsGear Cutting Tools
    (Zhejiang Shangyu Tool Co., Ltd.)Hobbing/ Skiving cutterPinion gear cutterShaving cutter
    materialsGun drill for deep hole
    Gun drill for blazing
    (Est Tools Co., Ltd.)Round broachPlain broachThread rolling flat dies etc.