Digital Solution Business


We develop a variety of digital solution services to solve
the problems faced by the steel industry.

The steel industry is undergoing a major transformation. We develop and deploy a wide variety of digital solution services to promote automation, efficiency, and digitalization of the manufacturing process together with our customers.

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    Refractory residual thickness measurement system

    We developed a portable CMM and analysis software specialized in refractories. The system measures refractories used in each facility on site and calculates the remaining thickness. We provide quantitative data on residual thickness and propose optimization of furnace life by reviewing materials and linings and optimize the total cost, including after-sales service.

    High portability

    Mobile, high-precision CMMs can be used to measure multiple facilities without the need for fixed equipment.

    Dedicated customization

    In order to cater to customers specific needs, we develop and provide software through our group companies. Analysis procedures can be simplified and automated, and automatic reports can be generated according to customer requirements.

    Refractory Support

    We can propose refractories suitable for our customers’operating environment based on residual thickness data and our extensive supply network.

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    Steel scrap AI grading system

    We have acquired the exclusive rights with Yonyou, one of China’s largest cloud service providers for corporate clients, to sell the “Steel Scrap AI Grading System” in Japan. The steel industry is known as the industry that emits the largest amount of carbon dioxide in Japan. Currently, the various technological needs are generated by the industry to become carbon neutral, one of which is the conversion from blast furnaces to electric furnaces. While electric furnaces have the advantage of lower carbon dioxide emissions compared to blast furnaces, advanced sorting of scrap iron as raw material is essential for producing high-quality steel. We provide software services that incorporate AI into the grading process, which is currently performed visually, to increase efficiency and save labor at steelmaking sites.