• 2010.05.11


    Web Conference System introduced and optimized at Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials Ltd and it’s group companies

    Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials Ltd. (=TBSM) introduced a Web Conference System this year. In April we connected Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials Ltd’s Board Room with Tokyo Boeki Australia Office and Tokyo Boeki China Office and held both TBSM’s Board Meeting for April and TBSM’s Senior Management Meeting. This enabled Mr Hiramatsu, Director of TBSM & President and COO of Tokyo Boeki Australia and Mr Fan, Director of TBSM & Chairman of Tokyo Boeki China to participate from their local offices.

    As a company that promotes globalization, it is very beneficial to have Web Conference System connecting the company’s subsidiaries/group companies overseas together. Hereafter we will utilize this system more actively not only for the annual meetings but for general meetings on a daily basis.