• 2015.01.05


    New-year greetings from the president of Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials in 2015

    Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials Ltd.
    President & CEO: Masayoshi Tanaka

    I would like to wish everyone a happy new year and will be well throughout this year.

    Year 2015 is a year of sheep. As we read a newspaper, it said that sheep year is comparatively a calm and stable year.
    The Nikkei Stock Average up and 17,000 yen – 21,000 yen, Japanese economy growth of 1.5%, also American economy is 3.0% of growth and we expect Chinese economy growth of 7%. We see the US$/Yen exchange rate is somewhere around 120 yen, and everyone wish no further weakness of Japanese yen. I think we all expect a stable and calm year.
    As for Tokyo Boeki Steel & Material Ltd. 2015 is a milestone as it is the last year of The Third Mid-term Management Plan, and from April, we start the 4th Mid-term Management Plan. We have many challenges this year and we endeavor to create a new global business.
    According to the New-year greetings from Mr. Machida, Chairman & CEO, Tokyo Boeki Holdings Ltd., Tokyo Boeki Group, we aim to achieve the Tokyo Boeki’s “30 Years Vision” which was enacted in 2007. At this moment, we still make our business foundation, but if all of us would continue to make our effort in next 20 years we achieve our goals. We will create our original products for self-sustaining. We cover production to sales and manage entire business by ourselves. Our predecessor with Tokyo Boeki’s tradition in mind, they made new business strategy by themselves, found the technologies, raised funds and created new business models. It is important for us to create businesses which remain to posterity. I hope everyone will participate and contribute to achieve the “30 Years Vision”.
    I am also wishing you have healthy and prospective year 2015.

    *This message was addressed to all officers and employees by President & CEO Masayoshi Tanaka on January 5, 2015.