• 2014.01.06


    New-year greetings from the president of Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials in 2014

    Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials Ltd.
    President & CEO: Masayoshi Tanaka

    I would like to wish everyone a happy new year.

    As I said a year ago, “the five-year cycle theory suggests that things will turn better from 2014”, the Nikkei Stock Average exceeded 16,000 yen and the Japanese economy is showing signs of recovery.When you look at the situation of the world, the US economy continues its moderate recovery led by firm demand private sector, and the European economy is showing good sign after its long economic downturn.On the other hand, the growth of economies of developing countries such as India, Vietnam and Indonesia where our overseas offices are located, are continuing growth even though facing difficult situations caused by their trade deficit, weak currency and inflation.Japanese companies find needs in various fields and penetrate the Southeast Asian market under these circumstances. We need to take advantage of our overseas bases, cultivate customer needs and develop new businesses.What matters the most having “the world view” and “the macro perspective”. If you lack of these you become short-sighted, and then you might lose the sight of future.I think how you move in your long life depends on your world view. At the New Year starts, we need to broaden our views by reading a variety of articles written by knowledgeable people.

    According to the New-year greetings from Mr. Machida, Chairman & CEO, Tokyo Boeki Holdings Ltd., Tokyo Boeki Group achieves steady growth. We have to end this year with a good result which is the second year of The Third Mid-term Management Plan, and we will accomplish the third year plan and conclude successfully the mid-term plan.

    This year, we will do well-balanced management. The key word is “Business structural reforms” to achieve a plan.As one of the structural reforms, we will get started changing the in-house structure. This structure change will give junior staffs and female employees to more business opportunities. Metabolism is one of the most important things in business.If you take a courageous action, something will happen. A company has to create human resources its needs.Our work is not being conservative but being creative. I expect your experiences and efforts will be turned into inspiration and courage.Each unit will cooperate each other, establish and promote a firm action plans. I hope this year will be surely successful with our abilities and efforts.

    I think this year will be very exciting. 2014 is the Year of the Horse in the traditional 12-year cycle of animals in the Japanese zodiac. This suggests that it is important that taking risks and step forward like a horse running speedy.I hope all of you will make this year prosperous. Last of all, I would like to finish my New Year speech by wishing all of you and your family a new year filled with happiness.

    *This message was addressed to all officers and employees by President & CEO Masayoshi Tanaka on January 6, 2014.