• 2011.01.17


    2011 New Year Conference of Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials Ltd was held

    Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials held a New Year Conference at the head office in Tokyo on the 15th of January and the fifty representatives from the head office, the sales offices across Japan, Tokyo Boeki (Australia) Pty. Ltd, Tokyo Boeki (China) Ltd., Tokyo Boeki (Beijing) Ltd and the representative offices in Hanoi, Vietnam and Jakarta, Indonesia participated.

    In the conference, the overview of 2010 results were presented for each Company and division and the current progress of their businesses were evaluated against the growth plan “Challenge 2014”, which led to the thorough review of the details in the plan. Thus the conference ended in a productive and fruitful result.

    This year, the coal complex in China will begin its coal production. The participants reaffirmed that all the Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials group companies will continue their concerted effort to lead this big project to success.