• 2010.01.01


    2010 New Year Speech by Mr. Tanaka, President of Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials Ltd.

    Dear Colleagues,

    Happy New Year to all of you!
    I hope that you have started the New Year with a renewed spirit.

    2009 was very difficult year in Japan due to the delay of the economic recovery. This effect is forecasted to last for another 2 to 3 years, and therefore, I think that 2010 will continue to be difficult but we will be able to weather the difficulty by the globalization of our business.
    The business field of Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials Ltd. is not limited in Japan. We are one of the global enterprises creating business in China, Australia and Vietnam where high levels of economic growth have been maintained.

    Our current goal is to become a global enterprise with an annual turnover of \100 billion by March 31, 2014 targeted in our “Challenge 2014”. Therefore, at the beginning of the New Year, I would like all of you to strengthen your determination for the full achievement of your business growth and development plan for “Challenge 2014”.

    We will aim to become a global business development enterprise by implementation of the strategy of multi-market bases and diversification for our “Challenge 2014”. We will accordingly promote the establishment of 4 markets bases of Japan, China, Australia and Vietnam.

    Since our company’s foundation in 2006, we have been aiming to be a global enterprise and also we have been growing up as well as improving our balance sheet so that we can make any new investments.
    In 2010, we will continue to explore investment opportunities aggressively.

    〔Investments in planning, 2010〕
    ・Establish a JV for Electrolytic Manganese Metals in Vietnam
    ・Establish a Coal Marketing Company in China
    ・Capital increase for Qinghai Hualong Donglong Silicon Carbide Co., Ltd.
    ・Capital increase for Hangzhou Jinjiang Dongyue Stainless Steel Industry Co., Ltd.

    〔Opening of New Representative Offices in planning, 2010〕
    ・Calcutta, India
    ・Jakarta, Indonesia

    In the growing market of Asia, we will reinforce the China market by focusing on Shanxi and Shandon provinces. In other areas of Asia, we will promote business development in Vietnam as well as finding a market in India and Indonesia.

    Achievement of “Challenge 2014” will be our goal and mission. In order to do so, we will make an appropriate strategy and business investment and then we will steadily generate and grow our earnings. By gathering all of your strength and ability we can evolve Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials Ltd., make a brighter future for the company and bring all of us more happiness.

    By sharing the principle of 「the Management Philosophy」 and 「Challenge 2014」as the company’s goal, we will charge throughout the year 2010.

    Lastly, I wish all of you the best of health, happiness and prosperity throughout the New Year.

    Thank you for your attention.