• 2007.01.01


    New Year’s greeting from President Tanaka

    Here is the New Year’s Day greeting for 2007.
    Considering the fact that this year is the 60th anniversary of Tokyo Boeki, the task of the newly formed Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials group is immense.
    The founding president Matsumiya, started Tokyo Boeki from scratch with many of the business projects developed by the original members now inherited and managed by Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials.

    At Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials, we appreciate the legacy of these business projects inherited from our senior members.
    We have been given the mission of “transforming from a trading company to a global business corporation”.
    In realizing this mission, we are moving forward with nine joint venture companies in China.
    In addition, we will continue to develop markets in Australia, India, and Vietnam.
    I made the first visit to India as President of Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials, last year.
    On this visit, we initiated our first footsteps in India to establish two joint venture companies.
    We will develop our business with the keywords “speedy” and “active” in 2007.
    We here at Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials, wish you all good health and well-being for the coming year. pagetop