• 2011.07.20


    Shanxi Jindi Coal Complex Project Progress Report

    On June 29th, Shanxi Jincheng Coal Chemical Development Co., Ltd.(“Jincheng”), our JV company, held the 3rd Board Meeting at the head office of Baijin Group in Shanghai. Mr. Kong Qing Ran (Chairman), Mr. Li Gang (Director) of Jinchen, Mr. Masayoshi Tanaka (President & CEO, Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials) and Mr. Fan Hua (Chairman, Tokyo Boeki China) attended the meeting. They reaffirmed that the project had been progressing well and that the partnership among all the shareholders would be strengthened further for future development.

    Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials will further contribute to the project through the activities such as coal sales, refractory materials and machinery supply via Xiangxi Dongjin Coal Ltd., a coal sales company which was established in April this year, as well as expand the coal and cokes business activities in China.