• 2008.11.07


    The 3rd Chinese Joint Venture Partners Conference (held in Hangzhou, China)

    One of the biggest annual events of Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials Ltd. was the 3rd Chinese Joint Venture Partners Conference held in Hangzhou, China on 7th November 2008.

    This conference was first held in Shanghai, China in November 2006, the year when Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials Ltd. was founded. Last year the 2nd conference was held in Beijing, China.
    The significance of holding this conference is to broadly reinforce the relationships not only with the joint venture partners but also with other Chinese and Japanese business counterparts as well as the Chinese governmental executives. And therefore this conference becomes a very important event for Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials Ltd. to show strong leadership and take the initiative among the participants to the conference.

    In the 2nd session of the conference, the representative of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ(China),Ltd delivered a wonderful speech on the subject of “The International Economy around China after The Beijing Olympics”

    In the 3rd session of the conference, each chairman of the Chinese joint venture partners presented their business principles on “How to survive in the confusion of global recession after the Beijing Olympics”. Each chairman representing senior management of their company presented the business environment and future plan with great enthusiasm.

    The conference ended successfully on a grand scale and in a terrific manner thanks to all sixty participants and delegates from the executives of the government of China, members of China-Japan Economics Association, representatives of Chinese and Japanese companies and the joint venture partners.