• 2011.05.12


    Shenyang Toei Machinery Co. Ltd. is making a leap forward

    On April 21, the 8th Board of Directors Meeting of Shenyang Toei Machinery Co. Ltd., a Chinese machinery processing and producing joint venture company, was held.

    Since its establishment in 2004, Shenyang Toei Machinery Co. Ltd. has expanded its variety of goods and markets, following the rapidly developing Chinese economy. As a result, they have recently received orders and delivered their products which meet the high standard of quality not only to a Japanese blast furnace steel manufacturer, but also to a Chinese high-speed railway, wind-power generation and major Japanese heavy industries.

    In order to make a leap forward, we reconfirmed that we would continue our business focusing on timely delivery and quality management as we have done throughout our growth path to date.

    With advances in machinery techniques, the company has been able to deal with a broader range of customers than before. In the future, we will continue to create new markets and new customers with Shenyang Toei Machinery Co. Ltd.

    Machine Factory

    Machine Factory