• 2012.11.22


    Tokyo Boeki celebrated the 65th anniversary of its foundation

    Tokyo Boeki Group received its 65th anniversary this October. To commemorate this, we held “The 65th Anniversary Ceremony” in Palace Hotel Tokyo on November 2nd. 600 people took part in it from TB Headquarters, domestic branch offices, and foreign offices in Australia, Russia, China, Vietnam, India, and Malaysia.

    In this ceremony, following the opening address, a video introduced the tracks of Tokyo Boeki Group’s 65-years-history and we offered silent prayers for Mr. Yasuo Matsumiya, the founder of Tokyo Boeki. Then, Mr. Machida, Chairman & CEO, delivered a speech, and presidents of each Tokyo Boeki Group companies presented “Future vision” one by one. In this session, Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials made a commitment to promote business expansion in Asia and Oceania, develop our own brand and new business field, and also become a company to be selected as a business partner in various countries, fostering of global human resources through overseas training programs. After the presentations, a representative employee expressed our resolution, followed a release of a new company song written for celebrating this anniversary at the end of the ceremony.

    The anniversary celebration

    Toast at the celebrating party

    After the ceremony, we held a celebrating party. During the party, we had some events, such as a Kagamiwari, a breaking a sake barrel, an entertainment show and a lottery

    Mr.Machida and oversea staffs of TBSM

    Mr.Machida and Mr.Gao, Ms.Sun from TBBJ

    After the party, Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials had a get-gather in Shinagawa Prince Hotel as a part of 65th anniversary event.

    We will serve you with our best efforts towards the 70th anniversary, and we appreciate your continued support to us.