• 2008.04.01


    Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials Ltd.(=TBSM) Fresh Start to the New Fiscal Year (The Third Fiscal Year )

    With the cherry blossoms in full bloom on April 1st, a morning assembly was held to celebrate the commencement of the new fiscal year, the third fiscal year of TBSM. This was also held in conjunction with an initiation ceremony for new employees in the meeting room on the 4th floor of Tokyo head office.

    In the presence of employees from head office, a letter of appointment was handed to new employees, Mr. Nakamura and Mr. Yoshinaga, by Mr. Tanaka, President & CEO of Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials Ltd.

    Mr. Tanaka advised them, “You will not only have to face the company and society, but also most of all, yourself as a professional – more than ever before. You will encounter mountains to climb and many other difficulties in the future, but I trust you can overcome such difficulties by taking a proactive stance. This will assist in providing you with provisions to overcoming your own difficulties” Mr. Tanaka encouraged them to contribute to the maximum of their ability to further the development of TBSM.

    Following the initiation ceremony, a morning assembly was held to celebrate the commencement of the third fiscal year of TBSM, where Mr. Tanaka summarized the issues from the second fiscal year and emphasized the plan and measures applicable to the third fiscal year.
    He spoke about the mission the business is creating for TBSM in the future and how the company is looking to evolve into a company in business for 100 years, asking employees to confirm and act in the spirit of the founding fathers by adopting a “Mindset of management among all employees, Mindset of a pioneer, Mindset to overcome all obstacle” by all members of TBSM.
    Within the third fiscal year, we, all members of TBSM then vow that we should steel ourselves and work towards the plan of achievement. pagetop