• 2017.10.17


    Tokyo Boeki Group celebrated its 70th anniversary

    Tokyo Boeki Group celebrated its 70th anniversary on October 30, 2017.
    To commemorate this, we held “The 70th Anniversary Ceremony” in Palace Hotel Tokyo on November 10th. Totally 800 employee took part in the ceremony from both domestic and overseas offices.

    The anniversary ceremony began with group company flags entering, and greetings from Mr. Kato, president of Tokyo Boeki Holdings, and introduction of guests(OB), introduction of the achievement of Mr. Yasuo Matsumiya, a founder, and Mr. Hiroshi Machida, a supreme advisor and director, followed by a long service employment award was given. “The future image towards the 75th anniversary” was presented by the presidents of each group companies.

    Anniversary Ceremony

    Mr. Shigezumi,
    President & C.E.O. of TML

    The anniversary ceremony with variety of tasteful programs were took place. In the introduction of Tokyo Boeki Materials by a joyful short movie made by young employees, was greatly accepted at the ceremony.

    Anniversary Celebration

    Introduction of TML
    by young employees

    After the anniversary ceremony, events of each group company were held. We, Tokyo Boeki Materials enjoyed a bowling competition and a cerebration dinner party, together with 14 staff from Tokyo Boeki China Ltd., and deepened our friendship.

    Through attending the anniversary ceremony, we thank our predecessors and we, as a member of the Tokyo Boeki Group, pledged to develop for the 100th anniversary.