• 2021.06.23

    Personnel Information

    The Board Directors Appointment

    This is to announce that the nomination of the members of the Board of Directors were approved at the 15th Annual Shareholders Meeting held on June 23, 2021.

    【Tokyo Boeki Materials Ltd.】
    Representative Director Hiroshi Shigezumi (President & C.E.O.)
    Director Takashi Imoto
    Director Shingo Nakagawa
    Auditor Hideyuki Kikuchi

    【Tokyo Boeki (China) Ltd.】
    The Board of Directors of Tokyo Boeki (China) Ltd has also approved the nominated members of the Board on June 23, 2021.

    Chairman Masaaki Sugihara
    Director Gao Jiancheng
    Director Hiroshi Shigezumi
    Director Takashi Imoto
    Auditor Kazuhiko Hasegawa