• 2007.04.18


    Guangxi Xiangzhou Jidong Manganese Industry Co., Ltd. holds opening ceremony for new Manganese Metal company.

    Guangxi Xiangzhou Jidong Manganese Industry Co., Ltd., founded as a joint venture company between Jixinang Manganese Industry Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials, held an opening ceremony for the new company on April, 18th 2007.
    Representatives of Japanese business customer of Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials, President Mr. Someya and Director Mr. Ando of Chuo Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony which also included a special representative guest, Mr. Sasaki of the Shanghai Office of Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd.
    In addition to these Japanese guests, several Chinese guests including the Mayor of Xiangzhou prefecture were also invited to the ceremony. With 80 guests in attendance, the ceremony was held on a grand scale with speeches given by Mr. Long Xiu Mayor of Xiangzhou prefecture and President Mr. Someya of Chuo Denki Kogyo Co.

    【Factory information】
    Location: Guangxi Zhuangzu zizhiqu Laibin Xiangzhou
    Capital: 18,200,000 Chinese yuan
    Employees: approx 400
    Grand-floor-area: about 140,000 ㎡
    Building-area: about 32,000㎡
    Production Capacity: 10,000MT pa