• 2010.10.05


    Ceremony for new-graduate employees who will join us in April 2011

    On 1 October 2010, a ceremony was held for 8 young talents who have accepted employment offers from Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials. They will graduate from top-ranked universities the next year and will join us from April 2011. Even under current severe economic circumstances, we are proactively investing on the human capital for our long-term sustainable growth. Five of them will be on the career track immediately and the other three will start with clerical roles.

    “It is not enough to adapt yourself to the ever-changing market environment. Please become a change agent and create a value-added business,” cheered President Mr Tanaka, handing a letter of offer to them one by one in the ceremony.

    During the half year until their commencement date, they will take some training courses to enhance their basis in the international business including import/export procedures, English, and other business skills.