• 2011.04.08


    Conference for restructuring each department 2011 FY was held

    The “Conference for reforming our business structure” was held on 1st April at the start of the 6th year since the company’s foundation. The theme of the conference this year was reforming the business structure rather than the plan for business development in order to return to our management philosophy and reform our business structures from its roots.

    We invited Mr. Machida, Chairman of Tokyo Boeki Limited, and Mr. Kawada, Director of Tokyo Boeki Limited, as the main guests and Mr. Shigezumi, President of Tokyo Boeki Australia, Mr. Fan, President of Tokyo Boeki China, Mr. Gao, President of Tokyo Boeki Beijing also attended this conference from their respective overseas offices. In addition, staff members of our Australian office, Shanghai office, Beijing office, Hanoi office, Jakarta office and other local offices in Japan participated through a real time web conference system.

    At the start of this conference, Mr. Machida made a speech regarding the “Management Policy” of Tokyo Boeki Group. Next, Mr. Tanaka, President of Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials Ltd, presented points for the restructuring of organizations, strengthening of overseas sales networks and current issues and restructuring for each department as a guide of reform of business structure. Each department presented specific plans of reforming their business structure.
    We confirmed the determination to improve our company to a global business company by overcoming the current difficult economic environment together in this fruitful conference.