• 2012.04.06


    The executives of Shanxi Jincheng Coal Chemical Development Co., Ltd. visited Japan

    On 2 April 2012, Mr. Kong Qing Ran (Chairman), Mr. Li Gang (Director) and Mr. Hu Jinhui (General Manager) from our joint Venture Partner, Shanxi Jincheng Coal Chemical Development Co. Ltd., had attended the Fourth Board of Directors meeting in Tokyo, which was held at the Tokyo Boeki Ltd. headquarters. Prior to the board meeting, the delegates made a courtesy call to Mr. Machinda, the Chairman & CEO of Tokyo Boeki Ltd. and had strengthen the relation among the parties through top management meeting.

    Mr. Tanaka (President & CEO of Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials Ltd.) and Mr. Fan Hua (Chairman of Tokyo Boeki China Ltd.) attended the Board Meeting as the representative of Tokyo Boeki. The 2011 Financial Year results were reported to and the 2012 Financial year business plan was discussed at the Board meeting. Shanxi Jindi Coal Complex Project is progressing well and the newly developed Chiyu Coal Mine will commence its production this year. We reaffirmed that all the parties will work together to develop this project further in the financial year 2012.