• 2006.10.16


    Introduction of the establishment of the company (Australia)

    Since the establishment of the Sydney office (1960) which is the predecessor of our overseas subsidiary company Tokyo Boeki (Australia) Pty. Ltd., we have accumulated an extensive history and achievements in the Australian market.

    Ford Motor Company of Australia, Ltd.

    For over 40 years, our company has been supplying Ford Motor Company of Australia, Ltd. with steel sheets of automobiles which represent the crystallization of cutting edge technology of the Japanese steel industry. Particularly in the past 10 years being the main supplier of steel to Ford Motor Company of Australia Ltd., we have acted not only as a supplier, but we have also been involved in building inventory control systems and providing various technical services. In 2005, Ford Motor Company of Australia, Ltd. recognized our achievements with a special award of Supplier Excellence Awards.

    Atlas Steel Ltd.

    Atlas Steel Ltd. is the largest distributor of stainless steel and special processed steel in Australia. Our company has continued to supply Atlas Steel Ltd. with Japanese-manufactured stainless steel sheets for over ten years. In the past few years, the volume of business has increased and in addition to the Japanese-manufactured stainless steel sheets, we have also begun business in foreign-manufactured steel materials. Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials and Atlas Steel Ltd. will extend the vision to China and Southeast Asia markets as well as Australia market in the future.

    Boral Limited

    Boral Limited (established in 1946) is leading manufacturer of building and construction materials in Australia. This large-scale company is also actively involved in expanding its business interests worldwide. Since 1989, Tokyo Boeki has been the sole import agent of Boral clay bricks and pavers into Japan and has successfully established itself through the Boral brand as a market leader of imported bricks in the Japanese market.