• 2011.05.20


    Establishment of the Coal Sales Company in Hunan, China

    The Shanxi Jindi Coal Project is progressing as per schedule. The Nanyao Coal Mine has already commenced production (production capacity is 1.2 million tones per year), and the Chiyu Coal Mine will commence production within this year.
    We have obtained the license for conducting coal business in China and have established a sales company for coal in Hunan, China to coincide with the commencement of this project’s coal production.
    Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials joins this coal project in China, which is leading the world economic growth, and is expanding its coal trading in Asia & Oceania region.

    (Coal Sales Company)
    1. Company Name: XIANGXI DONGJIN COAL LTD.
    2. Located: Jishou, Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan
    3. Established: April, 2011 (Accounting Period: 31 December)

    Trading areas: Coal, Coke, Chemical products, Steel, Raw Materials, Bricks, Metals, Building materials, Machinery and Consulting Business.