• 2009.10.29


    Investment in 150 billion Yen Coal Complex Project in Shanxi, China

    On 29th of October in Shanghai, Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials Ltd made a capital investment in a coal complex project in Shanxi, China and acquired the sales rights of coking coal and coke from Shanxi Jindi Coal and Coke Co., Ltd.

    The project consists of multiple operations such as a coal mine (high quality coking coal production: 4.2million mt / year), washery plant, coke plant, synthetic ammonia plant, power plant and cement plant. The waste products such as coal ash or by-products from each plant will be re-utilized for other plants. The total investment value of this environment-conscious project came to 10 billion Chinese Yuan (130 billion Japanese Yen). The coal washery plant is scheduled to start its operation late in 2009.

    Under the agreement, Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials has acquired an interest in the project and also acquired the sales rights of coal, coke and other products both domestic and export markets. The incorporation procedures are currently in progress.

    Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials aims to contribute to the development of Chinese industry by forming an industrial chain consisting of highly efficient newly built plants and by joining projects which aim to boost energy efficiency and to use natural resources effectively. Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials also aims to supply our products not only to the Chinese domestic market but throughout Asia.