• 2011.06.23


    Signing of “Strategic Partnership Agreement” and “Agreement of TGG Alloy Steel Exclusive Sales Rights for the Japanese Market” with Vietnam Tay Giang Group

    Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials have signed a contract of strategic partnership with Tay Giang Industrial Group Joint Stock Company (TGG) and a contract to become the exclusive sales agent of TGG’s Manganese Ferroalloy for the Japanese market.

    TGG is developing resources such as Manganese, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Antimony, Gold, Barite etc., and we will further develop the business together from now on. Regarding the production of electrolytic manganese metal, we have completed a feasibility study for establishing a joint venture plant and are planning to start construction within this year.

    In addition, TGG has manganese mines at Cao Bang province and Ha Giang province, and is operating a Silicomanganese plant (capacity 20,000 tones per year) at Cao Bang province, with its capacity to be expanded to 40,000 tones per year by mid 2012. We have already commenced shipments of TGG Silicomanganese to Japanese steel mills.

    Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials and TGG will continue to drive business developments in the Japanese market and the global market.