• 2007.05.11


    Exhibition at the Private Garden Exhibition 2007

    (View of the booth)

    (View of the booth)

    The Building Material Division of Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials exhibited at the Private Garden Exhibition 2007 held at Pacifico Yokohama in Yokohama City on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th May.
    Part of the success enjoyed was due to the weather with the exhibition ending successfully. The following products were exhibited and are under consideration for their potential commercial application.
    One of our partners in China, involved in the production of these products, visited Japan during the exhibition period. Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials were able to strengthen their friendship and build upon the relationship by discussing the potential for these products in the future.
    The exhibition was very significant in that we were able to demonstrate the wide range of commodities and products we are involved in.
    The Building Material Division is striving for commercialization of the following products in the coming future.

    ⅰ. Boral bricks (new colors)
    ⅱ. Ceramic tile manufactured in China
    ⅲ. Cement tile manufactured in South Korea
    ⅳ. Stone Materials from China
    ⅴ. Brick louver manufactured in China
    ⅵ. GRC decorative plant pot