• 2010.07.14


    Commencement of preparations for the opening of a representative office in Jakarta, Indonesia

    With globalization as its focus, Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials Ltd, in addition to its other centres in China, Australia and Vietnam, is now driving new business development in Jakarta, Indonesia. We have commenced on preparations to establish a representative office in Jakarta which will become the centre of this initiative. Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials Ltd will be actively involved in the Indonesian region through our resources and steel exporting businesses, something that will also contribute to Indonesia’s economic development. We shall also be embarking on business transactions with the ASEAN nations, of which Indonesia is a member, with the aim of leveraging our access to the markets of China and Australia, signatories of the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement, and through this, to further expand our operations. Please contact if you have any enquiries about the Jakarta office.