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Shanxi Jindi Coal Complex Project has commenced commercial production of coking coal.

July 16, 2019

The China Coal Complex Project commenced commercial production of coking coal in June this year.
The Project plans to produce 1 million tons of high grade coking coal this fiscal year, and in the near future production will be expanded to 3 million tons annually.
We will expand and develop the Project, including sales to Japan, through further collaboration with the project partners.

With Mr. Zhang, chairman and Mr. Hu, Vice chairman of Jindi
With Mr. Kong, Chairman of Jincheng

With Mr. Ma, General Manager of Jindi, and General Manager of Mine.

The Board Directors Appointment

June 24, 2019

Tokyo Boeki Materials Ltd. and Tokyo Boeki (China)Ltd.
Official Announcement at the Annual General Meeting (held in June 2019)

【Tokyo Boeki Materials Ltd.】
  Representative DirectorHiroshi Shigezumi(President & C.E.O.)
  DirectorTakashi Imoto
  DirectorShingo Nakagawa
  AuditorMitsutaka Aoki

【Tokyo Boeki (China) Ltd.】
  ChairmanMasaaki Sugihara
  DirectorHiroshi Shigezumi
  DirectorTakashi Imoto
  DirectorGao Jiancheng
  AuditorYuta Minoshima

New Year’s Conference of Tokyo Boeki Materials in 2019

January 31, 2019

On January 12, 2019, we held the Annual New Year’s Conference of Tokyo Boeki Materials.

15 managers from the Tokyo Headquarter and domestic sales offices have attended the conference.
President and CEO, Mr. Shigezumi, released the New Year’s Guidelines,and delivered the opening speech on the current situation and the future direction of Tokyo Boeki Group and Tokyo Boeki Materials Group.
Then each department made presentations about specific measures for the 5th Mid-term business plan. Every department shared goals and tasks, and we had lively exchange of discussions.

Based on corporate philosophy and VISION renovated in 2017, we determined our will to go forward with the aim of creating new values, contributing to society and achieving sustainable growth.

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