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FUTURE-Our Future

Tokyo Boeki Materials Ltd is a global company, just as Tokyo Boeki Ltd had been since its foundation, and continues to build up our global value chain. We are firmly established in the Australian market, while we have succeeded in growing our business in China, where we were one step ahead of the competition in identifying the potential of the growing market. We continue to advance our business development, established our subsidiary companies and the joint venture companies through alliances with China’s leading companies.

Our Steel Business contributes to our core business field such as automobile industry and resource and energy industries, while our Raw Materials Business supplies a wide range of raw materials. Our Materials Business deals in Chinese refractory bricks, which we had pioneered and now have the largest market share. In addition, we are developing new business field in Agriculture, carbon materials and battery materials, meeting the demand of the times.

In order to achieve sustainable growth in the global market, Tokyo Boeki Steel & Materials remains committed to create new businesses by utilizing our networks, and the further establishment of business partnerships with our valued customers. We provide both a wide array of unique functions and services as well as products that we have developed, responding to the needs of our customers throughout the world.

We create “Global No.1 Business” and we provide the value that our worldwide customers seek. I look forward to your ongoing support.

President and CEO Masayoshi Tanaka
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